Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Education & Support – Mini Grant

Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Education & Support – Mini Grant

Request for Proposals
Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Education & Support

The Greater Lowell Health Alliance of the Community Health Network Area 10 (GLHA of CHNA 10) is comprised of healthcare providers, business leaders, educators, civic and community leaders with a common goal to help the Greater Lowell community identify and address its health and wellness priorities.

The Greater Lowell Health Alliance of CHNA 10 is proud to offer mini grants throughout 2021 to support community-based efforts working towards an equitable COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

The purpose of these mini-grants is to provide funding to assure equitable access to accurate vaccine information, increase vaccine confidence, and to advance the participation of the COVID-19 vaccine efforts. Methods can include “Message Ambassadors”, educational materials, community conversations, testimonials, and utilization of various media.

National recommendations regarding vaccine distribution have emphasized the importance of ensuring equitable access, particularly for disproportionately affected groups, including people of color.

Preventing racial disparities in uptake of a COVID-19 vaccine will be important for helping to mitigate the disproportionate impacts of the virus for people of color and preventing widening racial health disparities going forward. Moreover, reaching high vaccination rates across individuals and communities is key for achieving broader population immunity through a vaccine.

2019 Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment – Highlights the health disparities in our communities, and has been a focus of the Greater Lowell Health Alliance – Health Equity Task Force over the past year. Safety concerns or distrust of the health care system are examples of reasons why people might not get the vaccine.

COVID Vaccine/Health Equity Resources:
CDC – COVID-19/Health Equity
Harvard School of Public Health – Ensuring equity in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

For more information:
Greater Lowell Health Alliance website
Massachusetts DPH: Where and when you can get your vaccine
Trust the Facts. Get the Vax
Center for Disease Control (CDC): Facts about COVID-19 and the vaccine
Lowell Community Health Center: For patients of the health center
Lowell General Hospital: For patients of the hospital

Non-profit organizations or public entities (such as municipalities, schools, health institutions, faith-based organizations) are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to those whose service area is within the CHNA 10 designated by the Department of Public Health. Those communities include Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, and Westford. Towns outside the CHNA 10 service area may serve as partners on grants.

Award Amount and Eligibility
Twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) will be allocated to support our community partners with equitable vaccine education and access efforts. Grants will be awarded at the discretion of the GLHA Steering Committee. Awards will not be given to individuals or be used for scholarships.

Criteria – Awards ranging from $250 up to $2,000.

Application Process
Applicants must complete the following application and may apply for $250 up to $2,000. Funds must be used to advance the objectives of the proposed program and will be reviewed accordingly.

Applications can be sent by email (preferred method) to grants@greaterlowellhealthalliance.org or by mailing a hard copy to:

Kerrie D’Entremont
Greater Lowell Health Alliance
295 Varnum Ave, Lowell, MA 01854

All questions or concerns in regard to this RFP may be directed to Kerrie D’Entremont at 978-934-8368 or at kdentremont@greaterlowellhealthalliance.org

These grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed weekly. Awards/feedback will be announced within two weeks of receiving applications.

Requirements of Recipient Organizations
Successful applicants will be expected to:
• Assign a representative to participate in the GLHA task force aligned with their project, if they have not already done so.
• Submit a summary report within three months following the completion of the funded project.
• Spend out money in a 12-month period or return it to GLHA.

2021 Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Education & Support

Please include the Application Form as the Cover Page. Complete all of the following information.

Project Title: ___________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person: _______________________________________________________
Full Legal Name of Organization/Group: _______________________________________
Alternate Name(s) of Organization/Group: _____________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: _____________
Phone Number: ___________________________________Fax Number:_______________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Amount of Funding Requested: $ ________________

NOTE: If your organization has a fiscal agent/conduit other than the applicant named above, please complete the following information.

Name of Fiscal Contact Person: ________________________________________________
Name of Fiscal Agent/Conduit: _________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code: ____________
Phone Number: __________________________ Fax Number: ______________________

Please briefly describe your efforts to support equitable COVID-19 vaccine access and education. Examples of such efforts include, but are not limited to, funding to support:
• Transportation to a vaccine clinic
• Translators to assist with making appointments for COVID-19 vaccine
• Local social media campaigns that target health disparity populations
• Community Forums / Q&A
• Translations of materials /scripts in multiple languages

GLHA Task Force Affiliation (if any):

Target community:

Goals of the Project:

Project Description/Objective:


Project Evaluation:

Project Budget:

Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Education & Support - Mini Grant

For Email Submission

Download grant application, fill out and email to: grants@greaterlowellhealthalliance.org

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