Community Organizing in Action: Mobilizing for Change.

Community Organizing in Action: Mobilizing for Change.

Topics: Community asset meeting, engaging hard to reach community members, and campaign strategies.

Description: What is community organizing, and how does it differ from advocacy and other strategies for social change? This training will equip participants with an organizing framework and basic tools needed to mobilize their community. Participants will get an opportunity to practice community power mapping in order to engage stakeholders and hard to reach residents. Participants will walk away with a framework to organize community-driven, goal-oriented campaigns by utilizing clear strategies and tactics shared in this training.

Audience: Coalition leaders and partners, individuals working towards community health and health equity.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe organizing theories, principles and best practices for community organizing.
  2. Explore foundation level organizing skills and tools that reach all levels of community.
  3. Articulate clear goals and strategies for local organizing campaigns.

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