Task Forces

The Greater Lowell Health Alliance has formed five health-focused task forces —Substance Use and Prevention,  Mental Health, Maternal/Child Health, Healthy Eating and Living, and Cultural Competency – that have set the stage for long-term improvements in the health of our community, with a focus on encouraging collaboration among member organizations.  These task forces are comprised entirely of community volunteers who take time from their full-time commitments to focus on the health of others. Their passion and resiliency have already led to significant improvements in our healthcare landscape.

Each task force has been developed to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Establish criteria for identifying health issues that pose significant threat to the well-being of community residents.
  • Adapt current available disease data to include specifics relevant to the community to assess needs and measure improvement.
  • Identify/inventory individual health-related efforts of leading organizations.
  • Identify/evaluate opportunities where healthcare services are not being provided, and develop strategies to address high-priority needs
  • Research and adopt, when appropriate, best practice, evidence-based initiatives that have proven successful in altering behaviors of specific populations as related to documented incidence of specific diseases or other health-related issues in the community.
  • Develop integrated, collaborative action plans to increase and enhance both qualitative and quantitative measures of success.
  • Provide leadership in creating expanded partnerships within the community network of healthcare providers to achieve specific measures in meeting goals.
  • Identify, explore and expand opportunities for funding targeted initiatives.

In addition to the task forces, the GLHA dedicates time and resources to address other health priorities, including cancer and respiratory diseases.