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The Greater Lowell Health Alliance has established respiratory diseases, and specifically asthma, as a health priority for the Greater Lowell Area.

Addressing the Need

Here are just a few of the alarming statistics, according to the Asthma Prevention and Control Program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Asthma Interferes with Daily Life Economic Cost of Asthma

  • Nationally, total cost was $19.7 billion in 2007
  • In Massachusetts, total charges for acute care hospital utilization for asthma were over $136 million in 2006
  • Public insurance was primary source of payment for 53.0% of visits

Prevalence of Current Asthma among MA Adults, 2005-2007

Prevalence is higher among:

  • Females vs. males (12.1% vs. 7.4%)
  • Individuals with lower vs. higher household incomes (11.0% vs. 8.3%)
  • Current smokers vs. never smokers (12.9% vs. 8.9%)
  • Individuals with disability vs. no disability (18.7% vs. 7.3%)

Work-related Asthma among Massachusetts Adults

Among MA adults with current asthma:

  • 40.2% reported that their asthma was either caused or made worse by exposures at any job they had ever had (13.9% current job)
  • 10.0% reported discussing relation to work with health care provider
  • 5.1% reported changing or quitting jobs because of their work-related asthma

Measures of Impairment among Massachusetts Children with Current Asthma

  • 3% of MA children have current asthma
  • Among MA children with current asthma
  • 9% had activity limitations due to asthma, past year
  • 2% had an asthma attack or episode, past year
  • 5% experienced symptoms of asthma at least once, past 30 days
  • 9% had sleep disruption due to asthma, past 30 days
  • 6% used an inhaled short-acting beta agonist 1 or more times per day

Our Impact

The GLHA partners with the Lowell Asthma Coalition to help address the unmet needs in this area. The Lowell Asthma Coalition has established five major goals:

  1. Improve communications among providers, school nurses, and patients
  2. Develop unified asthma education and messaging, identifying best curriculum and changes in practice
  3. Seek grant funding for asthma programming
  4. Develop daycare/ staff training on asthma triggers and solutions in indoor environments
  5. Get schools involved in the fight against asthma.

Lowell Asthma Coalition Mission Statement:
The Lowell Asthma Coalition envisions healthy communities for all where asthma is reduced and well managed.

Lowell Asthma Coalition Vision Statement:
The Lowell Asthma Coalition seeks to reduce the burden of asthma in all Lowell communities by;

  • focusing on minimizing the disproportionate impact of asthma in racial/ethnic and low-income populations
  • promoting asthma awareness and disease prevention
  • expanding and improving the quality of asthma education, management, and services
  • mobilizing existing capacities and partnerships between all community stakeholders to share resources, achieve a unified message, and advocate for system and policy changes

Download and view an important presentation by the National Healthy Homes Training Center on Asthma in the Home and Workplace: Risk Factors, Triggers and Prevention.

Asthma in the Home and Workplace: Risk Factors, Triggers and Prevention


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Meeting Venue/Address: Lowell Community Health Center, Metta Health Clinic, 135 Jackson St, Lowell, MA, 01852. (FYI: